The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, The New Theatre, Cardiff

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery opened at the New Theatre in Cardiff on Tuesday night with uninhibited, shameless laugh-a-minute slapstick humour.

The show takes the audience to 1950s Minneapolis as we watch convict, Mitch, bust out of jail with big plans of nabbing the priceless diamond being held at the city bank. With his hapless sidekick, Cooper, his seductive criminal girlfriend, Caprice, Sam the suspicious handyman / lawyer / doctor / Rabbi, and armed with a flawless plan, Mitch has his heart set on bigger and better things. But true love, and diamond heists, never did run smooth, and in a city where everyone is crooked, Mitch may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Mischief Theatre had the audience roaring with laughter from the off and the giggles continued until the final curtain as the capers and the plotline unfolded. Whilst slapstick isn’t my usual type of comedy, I certainly lost myself in the atmosphere and gave into the silliness.

The characters started off a little weak, but they soon began to build and capture the imagination of the audience. Ashley Tucker, who stars as Ruth Monaghan, stole the show; her voice is absolutely stunning and perfect for the 50s era, so each song she performed was a real treat. Ruth was also one of the most interesting characters to watch unfold.

Hands down, the best thing about The Comedy about a Bank Robbery was how Mischief Theatre cleverly utilised their set – I found myself captivated by the creativity. The scenery was constantly changing, but far from fading to black while stage assistants scuttled on to change the props, Mischief Theatre moved the set around as part of the performance. The office scene towards the end of the show was absolutely jaw dropping and amazement could distinctly be heard murmuring through the audience.

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is at the New Theatre in Cardiff until 13thOctober 2018.

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