Summer Holiday, Wales Millennium Centre

Based on the 1963 iconic film, Summer Holiday is a typical Jukebox musical, to the music of Cliff Richard. Its story line follows four friends who decide to take a London Bus on a European tour for their summer break. Along the way they meet three girls who are stranded and a pop star who is running away from her stage mum. They decide to give everyone a ride to Greece, with lots of adventures along the way. And of course, in true Hollywood style, they all fall in love.
This show is a nod to nostalgia for the audience, as most jukebox musicals are. I found the storyline weak, as well as some of the performers. The sound was very disappointing and at times I found it hard to understand what the actors were saying or singing because of poor diction. I sometimes felt that the cast believed we were in a panto, with the acting being over the top and funny moments going flat, because they were being over played.
The shining star for me was surprisingly Ray Quinn. He pulled off the ‘Crooner’ character very well and apart from singing in an American accent, while speaking in an RP accent, I felt his character was believable.
If you are a Cliff Richard fan or a nostalgic fan of the film, then this is a good show for you. If you would like to see a piece of theatrical genius, then I would definitely give this a miss.
Summer Nights is at the Welsh Millennium Centre from the 14th to the 18th of August.

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