Nativity! The Musical, Wales Millennium Centre


Nativity! The Musical Review by Megan Callaghan, 9 years old

I was really excited to go to see Nativity! The Musical at the WMC on Tuesday because I like going to the theatre, I really enjoyed all four Nativity! films and I was looking forward to feeling Christmassy!

Before going I thought this show might be similar to the School of Rock musical that I saw in London over the summer. The stories are similar because they both involve child-like teachers who inspire the children to compete in music competitions. I was expecting to really enjoy this show and I wasn’t disappointed!

My favourite thing about the show was the character of Cracker the dog which was played by the gorgeous Pepper the dog. She was so cute and well-behaved and I loved it when she was dressed up in a little donkey outfit for her part in the nativity show.

I also liked the pretend nativity show within the real show – I particularly liked the upbeat songs, lots of which I knew from watching the films.

My favourite character was Mr Poppy who was played by Scott Paige. He was very very funny and he made lots of jokes suitable for kids and I especially liked the one about Ant and Dec! I didn’t understand all of the jokes but I think the adults in the audience did because they were all laughing out loud throughout.

Overall I think this was a big success – I really enjoyed it and would give it five stars out of five definitely.



Wales Millennium Centre. Until November 23

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