Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat, Dolman Theatre, Newport

Newport’s Young Venture Players reimagined Joseph with glitter and gusto! Their enthusiasm and zest for life was second-to-none, from the time the curtain lifted at the beginning to the moment the house lights came on at the end.

Narrator captured the hearts of the audience with her strong and beautiful voice as she introduced us to Jacob and his sons, and then walked us through the rest of the story.

Joseph, although he didn’t have the strongest of vocals, was a fine fit for the character; he was charming and engaging and acted with the perfect amount of smarm and innocence needed for a protagonist like Joseph – never failing to stay in character.

The real star of the show arrived in the form of an Elvis-impersonating Pharaoh; I’m sure I don’t stand alone in saying the audience did not expect that one! Pharaoh was hilarious and really knew how to engage the audience – a fantastic showman with a bright future.

Other highlights of the show included the rendition of Benjamin Calypso and the sons in drag for the Parisian-inspired Those Canaan Days.

The inclusion of modern references throughout the show (follow Joseph on Twitter) were a nice touch.

The Young Venture Players retelling of Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat was full of fun, laughs, and plenty of catchy tunes. I’m sure everyone would agree that the members of this youth group will all go on to have very bright (technicolor) futures.


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