Cinderella, New Theatre, Cardiff


Every year we go to the panto at the New Theatre. I thought I knew what to expect this year – every year it’s a different story and every year I have found it very funny and entertaining and I’ve always found the sets and the costumes amazing.

Every year there are famous people in the panto but if I’m honest I had never heard of this year’s “star” Gok Wan until we arrived at the theatre. My mum knew who he was, and I’m sure that all the adults did, but I really really liked him. He was really funny and he kept cracking up and messing up which was really funny because he kept bursting into laughter and this just made the audience laugh even more! At one point he threw a load of loo roll into the audience by mistake which was one of the funniest things in the show.

I did know Mike Doyle who played one of the ugly sisters. I know him because he appears in the New Theatre panto every year, playing a similar character every time. This means that lots of the audience know him and his punchlines but he is always one of the best things about the panto and this year was no different. The other ugly sister was played by Ceri Dupree, who I hadn’t heard of either! His double act with Mike Doyle worked really well, they were completely over-the-top just like their costumes which have to be seen to be believed!

All of the costumes were really intricate and beautiful and the sets were amazing. At one point two tiny white ponies came onto the stage pulling Cinderella’s carriage – I’m not sure that it was much fun for the ponies but they certainly looked beautiful. One of the other highlights was the end of the first half when “snow” started falling from the ceiling and covered the audience.

Pretty much every year the panto finishes with a wedding scene and this year was no different. Cinderella married Prince Charming and the whole cast came on to massive applause from an audience who had obviously really enjoyed their evening! I would definitely give this panto five stars out of five and recommend it to everybody!


Until January 12

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