Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, New Theatre, Cardiff

I took my three-year-old Mali to see Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and the show proved an entertaining, engaging and interactive performance for little ones.

Children were kept engaged throughout with, for example, a flying puppet scene and catchy interactive songs. Although he only appeared a few times during the show, the frog prince also seemed a hit – there were lots of giggles from the children in the audience.



Mali found the second half more entertaining than the first. I think this was because the cast was more interactive with the audience, with singing and dancing. I could hear the parents joining in too!

Mali was clearly enthralled with the performance, laughing out loud and then having a little dance at the end. It is safe to say she had a great time.

Ben and Holly, from the makers of Peppa Pig, is an award-winning television animation live on stage.

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