Avenue Q, New Theatre

What a great evening of laughter and clever ways of making us think about many contemporary issues.

These puppets, some monster furry creations and a few “real” humans take the audience on a romp as they discuss sex, racism, pornography, the value of humanities degrees, and the meaning of life!

There are excellent songs, some of which are cheeky if not downright outrageous, with others that are love songs with a twist of cynicism and realism.



The story is about a college student Princeton (Lawrence Smith) who cannot decide what he wants out of life and finds it in being nice to people which, it so happens, means he can help his monster girlfriend Kate (Cecily Redman) make her own dreams come true.

Along the way we have a story of a gay character who cannot bring himself to be open about his sexuality and whose flatmate finds him a boyfriend,  human couple and their own odd relationship, a porn obsessed monster who has rather a realistic attitude towards the internet and a tart with a heart who produces plenty of saucy humour.

The singers are excellent and the puppets are operated with remarkable skill.

Be careful if you are thinking of taking the shockable as there is a lot of adult humour.


New Theatre, Cardiff until June 22.



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