Romeo and Juliet, New Adventures, Wales Millennium Centre

The cast provided a good performance and portrayed very difficult topics including mental health, rape and abuse, extremely well.

The opening scene left you wondering where this was set, who were the two ‘families’ and how the location linked to the iconic story of Romeo and Juliet.

The two leads, Andrew Monaghan and Seren Williams  gave an excellent performance working together and left the audience believing in their love and their plight. The second half did feel a little too short and there was perhaps a ‘showpiece’ missing but the star cross’d lovers provided a very heartfelt and dramatic scene leading us to the dance’s conclusion.



There were scenes that showcased topics that some might find uncomfortable, such as teenage self-harm. However the whole cast showcased such issues with both passion and sensitivity.

The performance was staged in one location with a static set. Whilst the performances held your attention the usual flamboyance of a Matthew Bourne set was lacking.

Overall a great performance, if a little short in the second half.

Images: Johan Persson


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