Acosta Danza Evolution, Wales Millennium Centre

The performance started with Paysage, Soudain, la nuit. The dance was a display of expression and skill to music that calms the soul. Beautifully crafted by Pontus Lidberg. Think of the most memorable performances you’ve seen, what made them memorable? Isn’t is the way they moved you? Well, this performance will certainly move you and immerse you in the dance. A breathtaking opener.

Lights came down and the whole theatre was once again immersed in darkness. The curtain came up and a single light shone onto the stage to begin the dance Impronta. The moment that light shone onto the figure I was captivated and intrigued. Zeleidy Crespo is an incredibly powerful dancer who takes command of the stage. A spectacular and mesmerising performance from a talented dancer.

The beautifully choreographed performance, Faun featured a couple in perfect harmony. The couple entered the stage and their gaze remained locked. They became elegantly entwined in each others bodies and their movements flowed with grace and poise. The performance was very intimate and at times I felt a bit uneasy watching it. However, a stunning performance from two extraordinary dancers.

The final dance piece was Rooster by Christopher Bruce, set to the music of the Rolling stones. This dance was charismatic, diverse and refreshingly original. I loved watching the dancers strut across the stage. The dancers were full of energy and had me smiling the whole way through.

Acosta Danza Evolution is an evening full of talented dancers, spectacular choreography and stunning music collaborations.

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