Author: Sanaz Safari

Roots, Dance House, Wales Millennium Centre

23rd November 2019

Given that it was my third year in a row going to see Roots by NDC Wales, as you can imagine, it was very enjoyable. I found out about this years production on the NDC Wales website which I check regularly as I really enjoy their shows, they are always so full of passion and […]

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Roots, NDCWales, Dance House, WMC

6th November 2018

The programme for Roots consists of three dances: Omertà, Bernadette and Atalaÿ. Along with the individual dances the choreographers and also dancers talked about the works. The choreographer for Omertà, Matteo Marfoglia, told the audience that his dance expressed the oppression of women in Italian Mafia and the difficulty of their lives alongside their fight […]

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Passion , Music Theatre Wales and NDCWales, Wales Millennium Centre

30th October 2018

Passion was a very enigmatic production by NDC Wales in the way that the story was told to the audience. In this Michael McCarthy production, the stage was empty and dark, with the only design being a blue ladder leading up to the sky in the middle, and a long yellow curtain draped behind them, […]

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Evita, Wales Millennium Centre

31st August 2018

Yes, this was my first Evita! With the musical and the Oscar winning Hollywood film with Madonna and Antonio Banderas as Che Guevara, millions of people have got to know the story of Eva Perón. It is one of musical theatre’s most famous female roles, the wife of former Argentine dictator Juan Peron, from her […]

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Don Giovanni, Welsh National Opera, WMC

2nd August 2018

Don Giovanni was a beautiful production at the Wales Millennium Centre by the Welsh National Opera. The show was witty, entertaining and the vocals and acting was also wonderful. The show is sung is Italian and has English subtitles. It seemed that there weren’t any empty seats in the auditorium as the show was very […]

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