Author: Chiara Strazzulla

2023, Illumine Theatre

5th October 2018

Based on a real-life law that will come into fruition, as the title suggests, in 2023, this is a work that treads on the murky ground of the ethical implications and practical consequences of sperm and egg donation, dealing in the meantime with a variety of other concerns, prominent among which are inherited disability (deafness […]

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La Traviata, Welsh National Opera, WMC

22nd September 2018

Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata is possibly one of the most famous operas of all times, containing a number of equally famous arias that would be easily recognisable even to the ear of the layman. This poses an additional challenge to the cast, called to match a degree of expectation from the audience that is likely […]

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The Awkward Years, The Other Room at Porter’s

20th September 2018

Acclaimed playwright Matthew Bulgo’s The Awkward Years is a one-woman-show attempting to give its audience an insight into the downwards spiral its protagonist, Lily, is caught within – with a possible glimpse of future hope towards the end. Its results in doing so are mixed, with some genuinely powerful moments and others in which the […]

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War and Peace, Prokofiev, Welsh National Opera, Wales Millennium Centre 

16th September 2018

Welsh National Opera chose to open its Autumn season with what many may deem an odd choice: Sergei Prokofiev’s adaptation of War and Peace. In many ways a late opera, if not a post-opera, this monumental work was written in the last of the golden years of opera, and subverts many of the rules of […]

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The Flop, Hijinx

2nd August 2018

Vivien Leigh once famously said that comedy is much more difficult than tragedy – as it’s much easier to make people cry than to make them laugh. Perhaps that is the reason why straightforward comedy, without an Important Societal Message to carry or some other kind of serious undertone to redeem it in the eye […]

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Sugar Baby, Dirty Protest, Chapter, Cardiff

8th May 2016

Soon to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sugar Babyis a one-man-show that straddles the line between drama and storytelling, building its tale against the backdrop of the more deprived areas in Cardiff, with a tongue-in-cheek approach, a penchant for comedy, a modicum of audience engagement and the surreal addition of the statue of […]

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